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Features of the product

Many time and attendance tracking systems exist on the market, but most are expensive and difficult to use. They are proprietary, closed systems.

This software by contrast is completely free. It is completely open with a GNU General Public License, which means that anyone can use this software for free and distribute it freely.

And best of all, it is very easy to use. It is a simple solution that will allow your employees to record their time in one central location, with easy access. 

We just released a new version 1.01.


Admin Options

Editing Time Types


"When we work with a manufacturer it is important for us to be able to track attendance.  That way we know what workers are available and what their production skillsets allow them to do.  Time Clock Software provides excellent functionality in this regards and it is pleasure to integrate with manufacturers who are running this system."

~APS Provider to Fortune 500 Manufacturers

Compatibility with Operating Systems

The compatibility is another compelling reasons why clients choose
our software over other. 




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Recent Releases

10 March, 2023

Release Notes: A missing doctype statement was added to each of the HTML files within the project.

17 May, 2023

Release Notes: This release has a major interface redesign. It has a much cleaner and clearer look and feel for the entire system. All screens and layouts should be much easier to read.

25 June, 2023

Release Notes: A width problem with the system buttons was fixed. Better instructions were provided inside the readme file. Top navigation was added to the main pages of the application.

18 July, 2023

Release Notes: A bunch of undefined index errors were fixed. These would show depending on your PHP error settings.



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